5 Jun

New Polling Shows Marmalade Support Surging!

  Tomorrow is election day! A very unscientific poll of pet parents in the Pet Camp lobby shows support for Marmalade’s write-in campaign growing! One excited pet parent exclaimed, “There’s no way she can be any worse then the rest of them!” Another pet parent was heard saying, “Marmalade is what we need to keep the Board of […]

29 May

Walmart & Veterinary Care

Let me start with a confession: I, Mark Klaiman, have never been in a Walmart store.  I’ve driven past them and even once parked in one of their parking lots in Nevada, but I’ve never physically been inside one of their stores.  Some of you who know me might be thinking “that’s just Mark on […]

19 Apr

Enroll in our NEW Kitty Kindergarten Program!

It’s almost kitten season! We love kittens at Pet Camp (really, who doesn’t). Pet Camp Cat Safari is the purrfect place for your kitten – full of all the things your kitten loves! Wide window sills to soak up the sun, lots of things to play with and the amazing Safari Solarium to explore. But we […]

28 Mar

Small Business and Climate Change

Fair warning, some of you might not find this blog as entertaining as the last one – you know the one with Yasmine Bleeth in a red bathing suit, but for those of you concerned about climate change please read on. I just finished reading Beyond Politics: The Private Governance Response to Climate Change (quick […]

23 Feb

Important: Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) Update

As you may already know, the canine influenza virus (CIV) or dog flu has made its way to the Bay Area. We want to provide you with both background information on the dog flu as well as what we’re doing about it at Pet Camp. The dog flu was first detected in the U.S. in […]

20 Feb

Protecting Your Pet

As most of you already know, the San Francisco Bay Area is currently going through a Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) or dog flu outbreak.  Unlike the human flu which tends to be seasonal in nature, once the dog flu gets to an area there will be ongoing bursts of activity. In fact, while we think […]

13 Feb

Viewing Your Pet As Your Child

This is a guest blog by April – one of the Pet Camp’s Camp Leaders How many of you refer to your pets as your babies? I never used to think much of it, because to me, it’s completely natural to call my dog my son. After all, I raised him from a young age, […]

17 Jan

Dog Flu in the Bay Area

Last week the story broke about dog flu, or canine influenza virus (CIV), affecting 2 dogs in the South Bay. Since then, more cases of suspected (but so far not confirmed) dog flu have been reported.  Of course, we’re relieved that the vast majority of the impacted dogs seem to be on their way to […]