25 Jul

The New Pet Camp Landing Page is LIVE! Take a Tour!

“One small step for man, one giant new landing page for Pet Camp!” The last time a landing was this cool Neil was landing on the moon (yup, Mark is old enough to remember his dad waking him up early in the morning to watch it on TV). Ok, maybe our new landing page isn’t […]

18 Jul

Where are all the veterinarians going?

Pet Camp has long prided itself on having a great relationship with all of San Francisco’s veterinary hospitals.  We very much nurture those relationships and value their feedback on ways we can continue to improve on the care we provide to San Francisco’s dogs and cats.  One of the things that always made it so […]

13 Jul

Splash Would Be A Model Resident – Mark, Not So Much

A recent Sunday New York Times had an article about what it took to get your dog into a fancy (and maybe not so fancy) New York City Co-Op.   While we’re not suggesting any of you should even consider moving to the Big Apple (we’d miss you too much), we thought the article was interesting.  […]

30 Jun

Why the 4th of July is not a holiday for your dog

Being someone who has grown up with 2 dogs on the border of New York City, every 4th of July is a new and great experience.The days surrounding the holiday are spent with friends and family, barbecuing good food and watching beautiful fireworks. From an exterior point of view, it seems cruel to let your […]

1 Jun

Brachycephalic Breeds: Unhealthy in More Ways Than We Thought?

We see them everywhere – Boston Terriers, English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, (and the 12 other breeds that fall under the Brachycephalic category)- and they are loved by many.  But they may also be prone to a list of ailments beyond those afflicting other breeds. A recent study of brachycephalic breeds (short-nosed dogs) revealed that […]

24 May

Leasing a Pet

Leasing a pet: is it right for you, is it right for the pet, or is it just wrong? Yes, I am talking about really leasing a pet; not financing the purchase of a pet, not taking a loan to purchase a pet, this is a really a lease!  Yes, seriously, I’m not making this […]

15 May

No, I Don’t Shave My Legs!

For years, small business owners have been told by consultants and other small business experts that their employees see everything the owner does and that as owners, we need to model the behavior we want to see.  As I understood this admonition, I thought it meant such things as we should be as kind to […]

9 May

The New York Times Ethicist & Animal Shelters

In a recent edition of the Sunday New York Times, the Ethicist was asked if someone should adopt a cat from a “no-kill” shelter or at a shelter that “euthanizes animals if there are too many.” The potential pet parent was torn between saving a cat at the kill shelter vs. supporting the policy of the […]

2 May

Maddie’s Fund Should Watch its Language

Anyone who has ever read some of Pet Camp’s more racy blog posts (Doggie Erection Gets Pet Camp Dicked Over comes to mind) knows that we have no problem pushing the envelope when it comes to the language used in blogs, but a recent blog by Maddie’s Fund reminded us that language still matters. Ostensibly […]

27 Apr

Rescue Groups Need to Protect Our Pets Too

In San Francisco there are several rescue groups that are bringing dogs from Asia to the Bay Area.  These groups are acting with the most noble of intentions: to rescue dogs from dog-meat markets, extreme poverty, life on the streets and other deplorable situations. But sadly, as noble as these intentions may be, it appears […]