18 Nov

What’s New in the Meadow? Pet Age and our Campers Weigh In

What’s new in the Meadow, you ask? Well, a whole lot. Since we unveiled our new space our doggie friends have roamed, barked, smiled, played, rolled, jumped, and enjoyed the sunshine and retractable roof protection from rain and fog.  Our clients and counselors are loving the new space. We’re proud that it’s one of a […]

24 Oct

CATastrophies: When to know if it’s an Emergency

This is a guest blog by Brittany Carey, Pet Camp Safari’s new Top Cat. While they often seem easier in the maintenance department than dogs, cats can be frustratingly tricky when it comes to knowing when you should seek immediate veterinary attention. Often, many health issues in cats have subtle or seemingly undetectable symptoms. Here […]

10 Oct

Pot and Your Pet: Take it or Leaf It?

Cannabis and Your Pet? CBD is all the rage for pets.  Go to a trade show: CBD is everywhere.  Join an online pet forum: CBD discussions abound.  But NOT at your California veterinarian. Why? California veterinarians fear reprisal for discussing something that is still prohibited under Federal law.  Well, that might be changing soon. California […]

12 Sep

See You In Court…Or On Social Media

When I was younger, I remember hearing that a company had settled a lawsuit even though it looked like they had done nothing wrong.  I was told that companies often determined that it was simply less expensive to settle a lawsuit than to fight it.  Sadly, today the threat of “I’ll see you in court” […]

3 Sep

Dog Kisses: Yum or Yuck?

Some people love dog kisses, some people hate them. Some people are ok with an occasional hand licking, while others think the full-face bath is the way to go. But is all that smooching good for you given what your dog eats and where that tongue has been? Dog saliva can carry microorganisms that can be […]

27 Aug

Reduce San Francisco’s Traffic: Use the Pet Camp Express

If you’re a San Franciscan, you may already know that Uber and Lyft have agreed to charge you an extra 1.5 to 3.25% for each ride you take that starts in San Francisco.   Uber and Lyft negotiated this surcharge with City leaders (even though you as the consumer will be the one actually paying the […]

20 Aug

Dogfishing – Guilty as Charged

For years now after our Thursday hockey game a bunch of us head over to one of our favorite dog-friendly dive bars, The Tempest.  Now because it’s dog-friendly I, of course, bring a dog (sometimes 2). My dogs, and I don’t mean to brag, attract attention. Marmalade cuts a wide path at 165 pounds of […]