Mark’s Big Mouth Pays Off

Last week, Mark was named Small Business Advocate of the Year by San Francisco’s Small Business Network. In a City filled with so many dynamic and engaged small businesses, this is truly a great honor. Of course, Mark has the ability to be engaged in the issues facing San Francisco’s small businesses only because the…

May 17, 2012

More Fun – No More $

Not sure what you’re doing this weekend? Considering getting away before the official start of summer? Here’s a deal that should make it easy to decide…make a reservation at Pet Camp for May 19-20 between now and noon on May 17 (that’s tomorrow) and we’ll upgrade your camper to a day in the Savannah or…

May 16, 2012

Dog Aggressive Does Not Mean Human Aggressive

Dog Misconception #14 We’re kidding a bit here, we don’t actually have a list but there are a lot of misconceptions about dogs floating around.  Let’s put one of them to rest today. Just because a dog doesn’t play well with other dogs, doesn’t mean the dog is or will eventually become aggressive with humans….

May 14, 2012

Pet Camp Mascot Spotted at Local SF Event

Our nameless Pet Camp mascot showed up at the recent SF Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase at the Hilton San Francisco. Our furry ambassador rubbed paws with the Chamber’s Maureen McEvoy as well as engaged in some “harmless” puppy play with the San Francisco Bulls significantly less cute mascot, Rawhide. We think this will not…

May 10, 2012