Feline Fun & Frolics

One thing that sets Pet Camp apart is that we’re big enough to offer a wide range of activities for cat campers, but still small enough to provide individual love and attention. Special discount adventure packages are available to help keep your pet active, involved, healthy and happy. Ask your camp counselor for details.

Very Individualized Playtime (VIP)

Quarter-hour session of private, one-on-one time with a Pet Camp counselor doing whatever fun activity your cat loves – chasing the laser light,  head rubs, brushing, or just hanging out together.  Just let us know what your cat likes.

Safari Time

Activity Packages: A half-hour session of exploring and prowling around the lushly-landscaped Safari Garden and its bamboo climbing poles.

Cat Grooming & Bathing

At Cat Camp and Cat Safari, we offer bathing and grooming services for your cat. Our professional groomer will clean out the undercoat, trim trouble spots – even tidy up those unsanitary tail-end clumps – so your cat will look sleek from head to toe.

Masai Mara and Arusha Rooms

Upgrade your cat’s accommodations to one of our two premium rooms with amazing views of our Safari Solarium.

Providing premium accommodations to cats who enjoy surveying the terrain, the Masai Mara garden view room affords an unobstructed view of the goings-on in the adjacent Safari gardens.

With over 100 square feet of windows overlooking the Safari Garden, a fountain, and simulated fire place (for those chilly African mornings), the Arusha room is, to put it bluntly – amazing. For a cat that wants the best and craves stimulation there is nothing better!

Serengeti Plains

In a first for Pet Camp, we are now pleased to offer a condo-free cat room for your cat or cats that want to spend the entire day exploring – just like in the open plains.  With a wall mounted climbing structure, a realistic cat treat for simulated outdoor adventures, lounge chairs, cozy cushions and plenty of fun and games your cat or cats will never be bored. Both our Main Campground  locations.  Please check availability when you speak with a camp counselor.

Presidio Stroll

Your cat will soak up the sights and sounds of the local neighborhood during a cat walk, while riding comfortably in our fully enclosed cat stroller.

Picatso Puzzle

Cats love chasing and catching the critters that scurry across the screen during our interactive Picatso painting experience. The result is a creative masterpiece souvenir created by your very own Picatso!