Non-Social Dogs – Question Mark Video

If your dog does best when not with other dogs, Pet Camp’s Canine Enrichment is the perfect doggie daycare option for you. We can work on fun-gility, skill building, traditional dog training and socialization. Our Canine Enrichment department can customize the day to your dog’s specific needs. Learn more about our customizable K9 Enrichment programs via

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Say it ain’t so: San Francisco a BAD City for Cats!

At the end of last year, OneVet released a survey that placed San Francisco as number 8 of the 10 WORST cities for a cat! We tried to find the actual survey on OneVet’s web page to no avail and then scoured the internet looking – also to no avail. So as much as we wish we could scrutinize the reasons OneVet trashed our City By The Bay – they’ve made it so we can’t. We also note that OneVet has a single location in Charlotte, North Carolina – which must make them an expert on a City a mere 2700 miles away. So, let’s look at what the survey was to measure and how San Francisco really stacks up.

What does the survey say about San Francisco being a bad city for cats?

  1. Pet Friendly Rentals: Yes, San Francisco’s housing market is tight and expensive – but it is also pet friendly. A quick search on revealed 3,622 cat friendly apartments available for rent. That’s a lot of cats!
  2. Veterinarians: Really, not only do we have 30 plus veterinary clinics in San Francisco – we have 2 CAT ONLY veterinary clinics.
  3. Pet Stores: How about every other block or two.
  4. Cat Adoptions: Last year, San Francisco Animal Care and Control placed 933 cats with rescue partners for adoption and adopted out an additional 705 cats. That’s 1,638 cats adopted or over 4 cats adopted a day!
  5. Cat Cafes: Really? Yes, we have one; but do cats go to cafes?

Usually, we don’t let this kind of stuff give us a hairball – but OneVet might need to get on a plane and visit San Francisco (we need the tourist dollars right now anyway). While here, they can check out our amazing veterinarians, visit a neighborhood pet store, stop over at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control and adopt a cat, but skip the cat café and spend some time watching the cats do what cats really love at Cat Safari. Of course, if they are feeling really remorseful about bashing our City, they can rent a cat-friendly apartment for a deserving San Francisco cat pet parent.

Come on OneVet we’d love to show you how cat cool San Francisco really is!

Thanks for reading.


Pet Camp Cat Safari is a one-of-a-kind cat only pet care facility.  Featuring “club lighting” and bubble tubes to both stimulate and sooth your cat, amazing cat activities and an only in San Francisco Cat Safari Solarium.  If you are a San Francisco cat parent with questions about cat care give us a call.



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Why Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

I haven’t watched many animal television shows since Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom got cancelled. Really, what’s left to watch after Jim finished wrestling with the wild boar? According to the folks at Your Dog, it’s probably a good thing I stopped watching and perhaps you should too.

Why should we use positive reinforcement to train our dogs?

The December 2021 edition of Your Dog reports on a number of recent television and online programs that show punishment-based dog training methods. While not calling out the specific shows, the article reminds readers and pet parents that punishment-based dog training is both painful for the dog and ultimately a less effective dog training methodology than positive dog training. Rather than focusing on using punishment for shutting down unwanted behavior, a pet parent or dog trainer should use positive methods (praise, treats, toys) in exchange for the behavior one wants to see in their dog. This method creates long-term results, creates a special bond between a person and a dog, and, of course, doesn’t cause the dog pain.

What are the dog training methods used at Pet Camp?

At Pet Camp all of our dog training (our Camper Cadets Levels 1 and 2 as well as all the work done in our K9 Enrichment department) uses only positive reinforcement. We work with you and your dog to achieve the desired result. Yes, as Your Dog points out, this method may take longer to achieve the desired result, but we think being positive with your dog makes it worth the wait.

Thanks for reading.

Source: Your Dog, Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, December 2021
Pet Camp offers San Francisco’s pet parents private dog training in our award winning, Certified Green, facility.  If you have a dog in San Francisco in the need of  new training, additional training or just some touch up dog training give us a call and speak with one of our Canine Enrichment counselors.
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Continuing Education at Pet Camp

Last month, Michelle and Mark attended a four day “pet boarding and daycare expo.” Like conferences from long ago (say 18 months to 2 years ago) this event was full of owners and managers of overnight care and doggie day care facilities from around the country, those thinking about getting into the pet care industry, vendors, and speakers. After 25-years of pet care, more is learned chatting in the bar and strolling the vendor showcase than in the presentations.

So, what did we learn (or perhaps have reaffirmed)?

  • The pandemic was really, really hard on the pet care industry. A number of pet care facilities around the country closed and an even greater number who weathered the storm are now for sale as the owners have simply had enough.
  • Hiring quality employees is really, really, really hard everywhere. Almost every facility had stories about job postings not resulting in applications, applicants not showing up for interviews, and new hires not showing up for their 1st day of work.  
  • As much as everyone was complaining about running a small business wherever they were located, they all felt much better about their situation after learning that Pet Camp was in San Francisco.
  • The Pet Camp counselors are amazing! While we have a rule about not airing our dirty laundry in public, after listening to other owners and managers for 4 days, it was clear how dedicated the Pet Camp counselors are to the campers and how fortunate we are to have them as part of the Pet Camp team.
  • The Pet Camp campers and their humans are great. Sure, we’ve had some not-so-great experiences with some human clients, it’s almost never an issue with the pets, (sometimes our fault and sometimes not), but overall, both the pets and the humans who grace our lobby are the best and we are grateful for them.

We are fortunate to be part of an industry that, in non-pandemic times, gathers 3 or 4 times a year to share ideas, swap stories and learn best practices.

Thanks for reading.

Pet Camp is San Francisco’s most award winning pet care provider.  If you are a San Francisco Bay Area pet parent in need of overnight care for your dog or cat, doggie day care, dog training, bathing or pet transportation feel free to give one of the counselors a call and learn all the Pet Camp has to offer you and your pet.
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