Supporting San Francisco’s Small Businesses

The other week we spent a few days bringing Valentine’s treats to all of Pet Camp’s referral partners. We drove around San Francisco, Burlingame, San Mateo, Colma, and Pacifica visiting the veterinarians, neighborhood serving pet stores and groomers who refer their clients to Pet Camp. We do this every year as a way to say thanks, touch base, and to hear how things are going.

closed store SFThis year, sadly not surprisingly, there were some smaller pet stores and grooming salons that we’ve visited for many years that are no longer in business. When we chatted with the owners of the stores still operating, we heard stories of reduced hours and staffing as they are impacted by the ever-increasing presence of and At the same time, the veterinarians all “complained” about how busy they’ve been during the pandemic.

It was also sad to see the impact the pandemic and the Shelter in Place Orders have had on the neighborhood commercial corridors. Almost everywhere there were dark storefronts, For Lease signs, and For Rent signs on residential units – the impact of the pandemic on the vitality of San Francisco was vividly displayed.

We know this past year has been difficult for so many people in so many ways. We know that San Francisco pet parents have a range of options when it comes to pet care: from corporate owned pet care facilities, to independent contractors hosted on sophisticated web pages, to massive on-line stores, to family owned and operated pet care stores and facilities. We so appreciate the support pet parents have shown to Pet Camp and other San Francisco’s family owned and operated small businesses. Thank you for keeping San Francisco vibrant.

Thanks for reading and stay healthy.

Providing doggie day care, overnight care for dogs and cats, as well as dog training, bathing and transportation, Pet Camp has been an active member of the San Francisco small business community since 1997.
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The Benefits of Frequently Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

Did you know? Frequent nail trims are good for your dog. When it’s time for a nail trim, Pet Camp can help. Dog nails have a blood vessel in them called the “quick” which can be super painful and messy if accidentally cut.

Pet parents need to cut their dog’s nails on a regular basis to make sure the nails and the quick don’t grow too far that you need to start the whole process all over again. Call us at 415.282.0700 to trim your dog’s nails and to learn more about our custom bathing options to pamper your pet from head to paws!

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All Breeds Welcome at Pet Camp

I recently had a conversation with the manager of a veterinary hospital who expressed concern that an increasing number of pet care facilities (both dog overnight boarding and doggie day care) were banning “Bully Breeds” and those dogs who are “primarily Bully Breeds.” She asked if we did the same and was relieved when we said we did not. That said, it’s worth knowing why we operate this way.

Does Pet Camp ban some dog breeds from staying at Pet Camp? No. All breeds are welcome.

At Pet Camp we are open to all breeds coming for both overnight/boarding and doggie day care. We are fortunate to have both extensive play spaces so we can divide social dogs based on size and play style as well as a robust and ever growing K9 Enrichment program for dogs that thrive in non-group play environments.

dog having fun at Pet Camp

All dogs can stay at Pet Camp…except if Pet Camp is not the right fit for your dog.

Being able to meet the disparate needs of dogs does not mean that we will accept any dog. There are dogs, of any breed, that are either too unpredictable or have displayed behavior that indicates that we can’t safely provide for their care. If that is the case it doesn’t matter what breed the dog is – Pet Camp is not the right place for the dog. We will not simply warehouse a dog that we cannot safely care for even if that is the practice elsewhere.   

Is Pet Camp the right pet care facility for my dog?

If you are the proud pet parent of a Bully Breed or other breed and have been told that your dog is not welcomed at another pet care facility just because of their breed, feel free to contact us. We will honestly tell you if Pet Camp is the right place for your dog’s overnight or doggie day care needs and which of our programs is the best fit for your dog.  

Want to show your love for your Pittie? Join our (virtual) Pittie Party on Facebook or Instagram by sharing a picture of your Pittie (or other Bully Breed).

Pet Camp has been providing San Francisco’s dog and cats with the best overnight care and doggie day care since 1997.  If you are a San Francisco Bay Area pet parent in need of overnight care for your dog or cat, doggie day care, pet transportation or bathing feel free to give us a call.


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Neither Snow nor Rain – But Dog Bites!

uspsThe informal motto of the United States Postal Service is “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” But it turns out dog bites can!

According to the United States Postal Service, 5,714 postal employees were “victimized” by dogs in 2018. The USPS has four suggestions to mitigate this harm:

  • Keep your dog behind a fence or away from the door when mail is delivered.
  • Take steps when accepting mail from a carrier if your dog is protective of their territory.
  • Leash your dog when outside your home.
  • Socialize your dog with both people and other dogs.

The USPS takes this matter so seriously they made a video about it! They didn’t make a video about the gloom of night, now did they?

Honestly, there’s not much we can do about the 1st three suggestions. But now more than ever, we can help you with socialization issues. We agree with the USPS that exposing your dog to new people and dogs, as well as other urban stimuli, is necessary to make sure your dog thrives in San Francisco (or anywhere for that matter). This past year (yup, it’s been a year), so many dogs have lacked the opportunity to be well socialized. The longer a dog remains isolated, the longer the socialization or re-socialization process can take.

Don’t let a poorly socialized dog be the reason you miss out on some really important junk mail. Both our group play and our K9 Enrichment programs can make sure that your dog doesn’t prevent you from getting this week’s Bed Bath & Beyond postcard! If you have questions about socializing your dog, either adult or puppy, please give us a call: 415.282.0700.

Thanks for reading.

Pet Camp has been offering San Francisco’s dogs and cats award winning overnight care, doggie day care, and training since 1997.  Unlike some doggie day care facilities, Pet Camp offers a wide range of both play group and non-play group options. If your dog is in need of doggie day care or training speak with our K9 Enrichment team to learn all about how Pet Camp differs from traditional one-size fits all doggie day care.
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