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Adonna Viterbo


Hidden Talent: I may not be a great cook but I can bake some mean cookies!

Hobbies: Road trips, collecting cook books and internet recipes, walking or riding my bike through Golden Gate Park or near the beach and rocking out!

Pets: Our 4 cats Sasha (the older wise one), Sweetie (the skittish one), Frank Tiberius Kat (aka Captain Kirk) and Little Friend (the fat one). We go through a lot of sticky rollers because of them!!

Allyson Peralta

Camp Counselor

Inspiration: I am inspired by my Mom and the beauty of nature.

Hobbies: Watching sports, camping, hiking, whitewater rafting.

Pets: Lucky, a sweet and mischievous hound mix.

Amber Huey

Camp Counselor

Hidden Talent: Befriending wild animals and not-so-social domestic animals.

Hobbies: I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to arts and crafts: photography, videography, playing multiple instruments, writing, sewing, sculpture, needlework and lots more. I also spend a lot of time doing urban hiking and exploration, finding and photographing the less traveled areas of the city.

Pets: Spoonie, Ellie Mae (both cats)

Chandra Moore


Hidden Talent: Sugar art and cake decorating, singing, knowing random facts.

Hobbies: Star wars, San Francisco Giants, DIY crafting.

Pets: I have a 2 year old orange tabby named Motor.

David Aguilar


Inspiration: My parents and nature.

Hidden Talent: sdrawkcab gnipyT

Hobbies: Hiking, running, gaming, camping.

Pets: 1 dog named Coko, 1 cat named Rayne also known as Noodle.

Devin Merriott


Inspiration: I tend to Gain most inspiration in basic things like a beautiful sunrise or sunset, while my pets also inspire me to put down my iphone and get active with them!

Hobbies: Riding my bike to and from work, making food just for my dog, capturing photos during the golden hour, and Instagramming my pets as well as others.

Pets: I am a happy co-owner of a Bombay Beauty kitty, and a pit-bull-mastiff mix teenager. Most days off consist of hanging out with my two best friends and spoiling them to pieces.

Janette Cheng


Inspiration: Acts of kindness when you least expect it.

Hobbies: I have come to realize the best game of catch is playing fetch with an amazing Camper. No "ChuckIt" launchers necessary :)

Pets: Yorkies: Moose (or Moostopher for short) is an accomplished sunbather, Oddball Periwinkle is a natural Hula dancing queen.

Jeff Waltrowski


Hidden Talent: UNDISCLOSED.

Hobbies: Comics, gaming, Star Trek, and other general nerd related activities.

Pets: A 3 year old Chocolate Lab named George Lazenby Chewbacca Brown, my sidekick, inspiration, and teacher of life lessons.

Jenna Larsen

Camp Counselor

Inspiration: I really look up to my brother Jared who has the strength to overcome a lot of challenges because of his Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, and through it all, he has always maintained a positive outlook on life. Because he is only three years older than me, we were always best friends growing up. I admire my mom for everything she has done for me and my family throughout the years, for believing in me when I had doubts, and for simply being an amazing mother & friend.

Hobbies: Dance, swimming, horseback riding, art, and colorguard/winterguard (performing arts).

Pets: Cookie (tri-colored American Cocker Spaniel; very special member of our family since January 2007) and Ike (Schnauzer mix; a sweet little guy rescued in January 2014)

Jessica Fishkin

Camp Counselor

Hidden Talent: Then it wouldn’t be a hidden talent.

Hobbies: Collecting toys, reading music, animals (love them).

Pets: Ziggy, Marley, Marshall, Phoebe (cockatiels)

John Lewis

Crew Chief

Inspiration: My wife

Hobbies: Working on cars

Pet: Peanut

Leeann Berry


Inspiration: Animals, art, and kind people.

Hidden Talent: I know every famous Canadian who has ever lived.

Hobbies: Accomplished metal smith and jeweler.

Linda Brown

Camp Counselor

Hidden Talent: I love to cook and especially love to make one-pot dinners for our Camp Counselors! I also have a Frequent Camper Card at Krispy Kreme that I use for busy days at work!

Hobbies: I'm a Sweet Adeline and belong to Mission Valley Chorus. As Regional Champs, we compete at the International contest with over 40 choruses from around the world.

Pets: Maxine & Murphy, my two cats. But, after seven years here, I like to think that my Pet Camp canine and feline charges are my friends too, especially Jersey.

Mark Klaiman

Senior Counselor

Inspiration: Virginia’s dad and mine both who seem to have been able to balance running a small business and raising a family (and Virginia’s dad had 8 kids!) a lot better than do I.

Hobbies: Very (and I mean VERY) poor ice hockey player.

Pets: Splash and everyone camping with us.

Mauricio Rivera


Inspiration: Seeing others work hard and give their best inspires me to match, if not better, their work ethic. On the other side, seeing others make the worse of their current opportunity or situation also inspires me to work hard and lead by example.

Hobbies: Playing basketball, running and hanging out in the hot tub, supporting all Bay Area sports teams and learning how to improve oneself is very entertaining to me.

Pets: My dog's name is Sasha. She is a toy enthusiast Chihuahua/Jack Russell. Her favorite hobby is sleeping for 20 hours and hunting for spilled goods.

Michelle Barrera

Front Desk Manager

Inspiration: My dog inspires me to get up and be a functioning member of society, regardless of how I feel, because he depends on me to be responsible and reliable every single day.

Hobbies: Reading, reading, and more reading (thanks for the Kindle, Mark and Virginia!)

Pets: Magoo

Nate Spivey

Reservations Specialist

Hidden Talent: Having an abundance of random knowledge, and being able to talk in two voices simultaneously.

Hobbies: Dabbling in music and film stuff for the purpose of obtaining giggles, being nerdy (interpret that how you will), finding plays on words, and going to concerts or events that no one else would want to go to!

Pets: Boognish, my furry little son who is a 10 year old Japanese Chin, my Pet Camp ‘assistant’, and the other half of my heart.

Susan Froio


Inspiration: Monty Python; responsible for my quirky humor!

Hobbies: Working out at a gym, hikes with Scully, running with Neo.

Pets: Scully, Bob, Coco

Taylor Hamic


Hidden Talent: I'm a beagle whisperer.

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, painting, shopping, and hiking.

Pets: Copper (the sweetest beagle ever) and Matilda.

Tiara Bali


Inspiration: My Grandparents are my inspiration, they've taught me to be the person I am today.

Hobbies: Cooking, playing the piano, horseback riding, and exploring nature.

Pets: Kapua (Pitbull), Desi (Kelpie/Mcnabb), Bentley (Yorkshire Terrier)

Virginia Donohue

Camp Director

Hidden Talent: I really can cook more than dog treats.

Hobbies: I have 4 children and a small business. I have no hobbies but someday I’m going to use the Seagrams golf clubs gathering dust in the garage and learn to play.

Pets: Dusty, Splash, Masai and Jersey

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