Caring for someone else’s pet is an awesome responsibility. It’s one that we take very seriously. The Main Campground and Cat Safari are fully licensed, permitted and inspected by the City of San Francisco Department of Public Health.

We have a number of provisions and safeguards to help ensure that our campsites are always clean and safe for our campers.


To learn more about these safeguards, explore these topics:

Fresh & Safe Air
Dog Camp has a special ventilation system that changes air in the dog campground 15 times per hour, 24 hours a day.

Our cat rooms have their own heating and ventilation systems. Each condo and suite has its own private ventilation system drawing in fresh, healthy air.

Our cat condos and suites have "sneeze guard" doors and are made of 2/3 Plexiglas and 1/3 open space to enable the flow of fresh air into the condo but to contain sneezes within the individual condo. Together, these features greatly reduce the chance of spreading upper respiratory infection.

Our campsites are cleaned with a hospital-quality disinfectant. Drains are installed throughout the campgrounds, including the grassy play areas.

Monitoring Systems
To ensure round-the-clock health and safety of your pet, both of our campgrounds have fire sprinklers and alarm systems. A Pet Camp counselor sleeps in the Main Campground every night.